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Author Topic:  Area 29 Chinook
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Posted on: 2017/05/08 13:55:26 * Reply
Subject: FN1390-RECREATIONAL - SALMON - CHINOOK - AREA 29 - Fishery Management Actions

As part of a suite of management measures designed to reduce harvest impacts on Fraser River Spring 4 sub 2 chinook, continuing restrictions will be required in 2017 recreational fisheries in the vicinity of the Fraser River mouth. In 2017, Fraser River Spring 4 sub 2 chinook are expected to return in low numbers due to low brood year escapements and continuing poor survival rates.

Effective dates: 00:01 hours Sunday, January 1 until further notice.

Waters: Subareas 29-6, 29-7, 29-9 and 29-10 (Fraser River mouth)

Management measure: You may not retain chinook salmon in these waters.

Management actions for Fraser River Spring and Summer 5 sub 2 chinook will be announced in subsequent notices in mid-June.


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