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About Us




Welcome to our little fishing club!

I've sport fished off and on in every aspect of: lake, river and ocean fishing for over 45 years. More recently, I've been involved in helping introduce and mentor others in various aspects of BC sport fishing. Through creating this club, I am trying to address what the entry-level fishing community seems to be asking from a family orientated fishing web-site. Some of these goals are:

- a site that is up to date, pro-actively maintained and periodically upgraded,
- extensive & broad based BC fishing information and resources,
- fishing reports and forum sections that are more accessible and interactive,
- sections where members can share their fishing; photos, secrets and knowledge,
- a friendlier and more helpful forum community atmosphere,
- a Mobile formate,
- and a simple, easy to follow layout.

We hope you enjoy our little club web-site, and encourage you to join in the fun.
Feel free to contact us with feedback on content and/or suggestions on how we could improve the site.

Sharper Hooks and Tighter Lines,