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Sunset Beach Marina Boat Launch




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- Sunset Beach Marina in west Vancouver, between Horseshoe Bay, and Lions Bay has one of the best launch ramps on the west coast. The only launch I know of that you can put a 35ft boat in the water at a zero tide. Also has a full time Mechanic from Feb to Nov 15, as well as the ability to pull boats upto 24 ft out of the water, without a trailer for any repairs or cleaining. 

Parking from Feb 1 to Nov 15th is $16 p/vehicle, per day. 
Launch ramp from March 1 to Nov 15th is $24 per launch, per day. 

Parking from Nov 15th to Feb 1 is $14 p/vehicle per day
Launch ramp from Nov 15th to March 1 $24 /launch per day



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