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Englishman River




Spot Details

Details for Englishman River

Species in Englishman River:

Chinook Salmon, Coho Salmon, Pink Salmon, Chum Salmon, Steelhead, Cutthroat Trout

Other Names
Proxy City Nanaimo
Size (ha) 40 km
Perimeter (km)
Max Depth (m)
Road Access Paved
Hike (km)
Activities Hiking
Stocked Fish
F/W Region R-1
Water Type River
Altitude (m)
Mean Depth (m)
Water Access Shore
Boat Launch
Facilities Unknown
Angler Usage Moderate
Special Notes: Map marker shows the river location. Closed all year from lower falls in Englishman River Park to signs about 100 m downstream. No fishing below the lower falls in Englishman River Falls Provincial Park to the Top Bridge crossing at the end of Allsbrook Road, Dec 1-May 31. Fishing can be done most months of the year in the Englishman River. The earliest fish present are the steelhead that enter the river in decent numbers starting in January and running until about May. Fishing for these fish however is poor, as many do not spend any time in the lower river and shoot above the upper fishing boundaries before stopping. The next fish that enter are cutthroat trout in the spring. These trout stick around from March until late fall when they follow the salmon up the river, and the larger fish tend to come in later in the fall to feast on eggs and flesh. Pink salmon eggs are a very good food source for these large cutthroat trout, which enter the river around the same time in Late August and early September. Pink salmon are best targeted from the beach in July and early August, although there are some nice fish to be had in the lower river at times during the end of August. The next notable run of fish that comes in are the summer chinook salmon. Numbers for these fish are all over the charts, but they generally move up river in good numbers by mid to late September. After that the runs of coho salmon and chum salmon follow in behind, generally starting in the first week of October in good numbers, and providing a fun fishery right up until the second week of November or the first big rain that blows the river out permanently.
Map of Englishman River


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