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How To Fish Videos

Below is a list of "How to Fish" video tutorials that cover fishing techniques used in British Columbia, Canada.

Title Duration
Salmon Summer Chinook Tackle Tactics 12 minutes 47 seconds
Sturgeon Fishing Top 4 Baits 11 minutes 5 seconds
Trout Fishing Tips for Hicks Lake 4 Minutes 03 seconds
Preparing Anchovies to Fish for Salmon 9 minutes 21 seconds
Coho Salmon Trolling Techniques 13 minutes 32 seconds
Catch More Kokanee At Alouette Lake BC 4 minutes 59 seconds
Catch More KoKanee At Alouette Lake Part II 4 minutes 23 seconds
Winter Chinook Fishing Tutorial Part 1 5 minutes 0 seconds
Winter Chinook Fishing Tutorial Part 2 3 minutes 34 seconds
Winter Chinook Fishing Tutorial Part 3 2 minutes 24 seconds
How to Tie A Roe Bag For Sturgeon 2 minutes 51 seconds
Silver Horde Coho Killer for Chinook 0 minutes 41 seconds
Crabbing with the Scotty Trap-ease 1 minute 58 seconds
Spoons to Fish for Targeting Winter Chinook 2 minutes 48 seconds
Gibbs Delta Guide Series Salmon Flashers 2 minutes 57 seconds
Gear and Boat Preparation 4 minutes 10 seconds
Four helpful Tips to Help Better Salmon Fishing in the Ocean 12 minutes 17 seconds
Vancouver BC Winter Chinook Salmon Fishing Tactics 5 minutes 22 seconds
Cookin with Crab 7 minutes 43 seconds
Dungeness Crabbing Basics 1 minute 53 seconds
Fishing the Stave River for Chum Salmon 2 minutes 35 seconds