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Common BC Fly Patterns




BC fishing community recommended flies for your tackle box.


chironomid  mayfly nymph elk hair caddis  leach flys
(April to October)
(May to Aug)
(July to August)
(Year Round) 
damselfly nymph   wooly bugger tom thumb  streamer
(June to August) 
carey special doc spratley bead head nymph muddler minnow

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A argentina caterpillar A P chironimid black A P chironomid brown A P chironimid green A P chironimid olive A P chironimid wine
  Argentina Caterpillar A P Chironimid Black A P Chironimid Brown A P Chironimid Green A P Chironimid Olive A P Chironimid Wine
  adams brown hackle adams grey hackle adams grizzley adams irresistable adams parachute adams trude
  Adams Brown Hackle Adams Grey Hackle Adams Grizzley Adams Irresistable Adams Parachute Adams Trude
  adams american coachman ascending midge pupa      
Adams American Coachman Ascending Midge Pupa      
B bead head bugger black beadhead birds nest beadhead brassie bitch creek black flying ant bullet head hopper
  Bead Head Bugger Black Beadhead Birds Nest Beadhead Brassie Bitch Creek Black Flying Ant Bullet Head Hopper
  blue dun brassie baetis brassie copper brassie green brassie red
Blue Dun Brassie Baetis Comparadun Brassie Copper Brassie Green Brassie Red
C caddis larva caddis sparkle cdc baetis spinner cdc griffiths gnat cdc pmd emerger cdc rusty spinner
  Caddis Larva Caddis Sparkle Pupa CDC Baetis Spinner CDC Griffiths Gnat CDC PMD Emerger CDC Rusty Spinner
  cdc transitional midge cdc trico spinner chernobyl ant chernobyl hopper cinammon fur ant clark's cicada
  CDC Transitional Midge CDC Trico Spinner Chernobyl Ant Chernobyl Hopper Cinammon Fur Ant Clark's Cicada
  f24 cb frostbite caddis black swannundaze caddis brown swannundaze caddis bucktail light caddis dark
  Copper John CB Frostbite Caddis Black Swannundaze Caddis Brown Swannundaze Caddis Bucktail Light Caddis Dark
  caddis elk hair large caddis peeking caddis pupa - bright green caddis pupa brown caddis pupa cinnamon caddis pupa dark olive
  Caddis Elk Hair Large Caddis Peeking Caddis Pupa & Bright Grn Caddis Pupa Brown Caddis Pupa Cinnamon Caddis Pupa Dark Olive
  caddis pupa olive caddis pupa cahill dark wet cahill dark cahill light parachute cahill light
  Caddis Pupa Olive Caddis Pupa Cahill Dark Wet Cahill Dark Cahill Light Parachute Cahill Light
  carey special cariboo damsel cased caddis hazel cased caddis chan's pt chironomid chartreuse - white clouser's minnow
  Carey Special Cariboo Damsel Cased Caddis Hezel Cased Caddis Chan's PT Chironomid Chartreuse & White Clouster's Minnow
  chernobyl ant red chillen chartereuse chillen orange chillen pink chillen svart (black) chironomid bloodworm swanadz
  Chernobyle Ant Red Chillen Chartereuse Chillen Orange Chillen Pink Chillen Svart (Black) Chironomid Bloodworm Swanadz
  chironomid bloodworm chironomid peacock chironomid red butt chironomid red wire chironomid wire body black red cinnamon sedge
  Chironomid Bloodworm Chironomid Peacock Chironomid Red Butt Chironomid Red Wire Chironomid Wire Body Black Red Cinnamon Sedge
  coachman dry coachman colorado caddis copper buzzer green copper buzzer orange copper buzzer red
  Coachman Dry Coachman Colorado Caddis Copper Buzzer Green Copper Buzzer Orange Copper Buzzer Red
  copper creek copper john copper copper john olive cream midge cricket crow beetle
  Copper Creek Copper John Copper Copper John Olive Cream Midge Cricket Crow Beetle
  crystal chironimid crystal florescent pupa crystal shrimp      
Crystal Chronimid Crystal Florescent Pupa Crystal Shrimp      
D damsel adult dave's hopper disc head cicada disco midge drowned cricket damsel halfback
  Damsel Adult Dave's Hopper Disc Head Cicida Disco Midge Drowned Cricket Damsel Halfback
  damsel nymph brown damsel nymph eye brown damsel nymph eye olive damsel nymph eyed black damsel nymph olive damsel nymph tan eyed
  Damsel Nymph Brown X Long Damsel Nymph Eye Brown Damsel Nymph Eye Olive Damsel Nymph Eyed Black Damsel Nymph Olive Damsel Nymph Tan Eyed
  damsel nymph tan damsel olive damsel tan darner dragon olive dear fly deep sparkle pupa olive
  Damsel Nymph Tan Damsel Olive Damsel Tan Darner Dragon Olive Deer Fly Deep Sparkle Pupa Olive
  deepwater tan crazy charley deepwater white crazy charley deja vu disco midge red disco worm d'mouse
  Deep Water Tan Crazy Charley Deep Water White Crazy Charley Deja Vu Disco Midge Red Disco Worm D'Mouse
  doc spratley black doc spratley green doc spratley red dragon black    
Doc Spratley Black Dock Spratley Green Dock Spratley Red Dragon Black    
E elk hair caddis egg sucking leech black chart egg sucking leech black orange egg sucking leech black salpink egg sucking leech black egg sucking leech purple
  Elk Hair Caddis Egg Sucking Leech Black Chart Egg Sucking Leech Black Orange Egg Sucking Leech Black SalPink Egg Sucking Leech Black Egg Sucking Leach Purple
  elk hair caddis brown elk hair caddis green elk hair caddis krystal elk hair caddis olive elk hair caddis orange elk hair caddis tan
  Elk Hair Caddis Brown Elk Hair Caddis Green Elk Hair Caddis Krystal Elk Hair Caddis Olive Elk Hair Caddis Orange Elk Hair Caddis Tan
  elk wing emerger (dry) emerging chronomid epoxy beetle      
Elk Wing Emerger (dry) Emerging Chronomid Epoxy Beetle      
F feather duster beadhead flash bugger olive foam beetle foam black ant foam lady bug floating nymphe brown
  Feather Duster Beadhead Flash Bugger Olive Foam Beetle Foam Black Ant Foam Lady Bug Floating Nymph Brown
  floating pupa fresh water shrimp plive       '52 buick
Floating Pupa Fresh Water Shrimp Olive       '52 Buick
G general terrestrial gold ribbed hare's ear gold-ribbed hare's ear beadhead general practitioner ginger quill f143
  General Terrestrial Gold Ribbed Hairs Ear Gold-Ribbed Hairs Ear Beadhead General Practitioner Ginger Quill Gits
  glass bead micro-mayfly glitter bla (blue) glitter orange glitter pink glitter rod (red) glitter svart (black)
  Glass Bead Micro-Mayfly Glitter Bla (Blue) Glitter Orange Glitter Pink Glitter Rod (Red) Glitter Svart (Black)
  glitter yellow goddard caddis gomphus gramarus 2 svart (black) gramarus bla (blue) gramarus chartereuse
  Glitter Yellow Goddard Cadis Gomphus Gramarus 2 Svart (Black) Gramarus Bla (Blue) Gramarus Chartereuse
  gramarus orange gramarus pink gramasus rod (red) gramarus svart (black) green butt skunk green baggie shrimp
  Gramarus Orange Gramarus Pink Gramarus Rod (Red) Gramarus Svart (Black) Green Butt Skunk Green Baggie Shrimp
  green drake wullf green eyed damsel nymph green mayfly green shellback green-white clouser's minnow grey hackle gold dry
  Green Drake Wullf Green Eyed Damsel Nymph Green Mayfly Green Shellback Larva Green & White Clouser's Minnow Grey Hackle Gold Dry
  grey hackle peacock grey wullf griffith's gnat grithiffs gnat grizzley king  
Grey Hackle Peacock Grey Wullf Griffith's Gnat Griffiths Gnat Grizzley King  
H henryville special humpy varient h.c.h. f114 half back
  Henryville Special Humpy H & L Variant H. C. H. Half Back Hares Ear Flashback
  hares ear gold rib flashback hares ear gold rib hares ear gold ribbed olive hares ear natural hatheume nymph hatheume
  Hares Ear Gold Rib Flashback Hares Ear Gold Hares Ear Gold ribbed Olive Hares Ear Natural Hatheume Nymph Hatheume
  herl nymph hopper joes humpy chartereuse humpy red humpy royal humpy yellow
Herl Nymph Hopper Joes Humpy Chartereuse Humpy Red Humpy Royal Humpy Yellow
J jassid jujubee midge        
Jassid Jujubee Midge        
K king prince beadhead kamloops pupa kevin's aquatic beetle kevin's bright spot beetle kevin's flash larva kevin's orange shrimp
  King Prince Beadhead Kamloops Pupa Kevin's Aquatic Beetle Kevin's BrightSpot Beetle Kevin's Flash Larva Kevin's Orange Shrimp
  kevin's red-eye midge klinkhammer gul (yellow) klinkhammer svart (black) knouff lake special    
Kevin's Red-Eye Midge Klinkhammer Gul (yellow) Klinkhammer Svart (black) Knouff Lake    
L light cahill lightning bug letort hopper little green little guy  
Light Cahill Lightning Bug Letort Hopper Little Green Little Guy  
M madam X micro ant miracle midge morrish dirty bird mosquito march brown dry
  Madam X Micro Ant Miracle Midge Morrish Dirty Bird Mosquito March Brown Dry
  march brown emerger march brown spider march brown maribou damsel eyed maribou damsel nymph maribou damsel
  March Brown Emerger March Brown Spider March Brown Maribou Damsel Eyed Maribou Damsel Nymph Maribou Damsel Olive
  maribou leech black mariou leech green maribou leech olive maribou wooly bugger mayfly olive lg tail dry mayfly spent
  Maribou Leech Black Maribou Leech Green Maribou Leech Olive Maroon Wooly Bugger Mayfly Olive Lg Tail Dry Mayfly Spent
  mayfly spinner mercer midgeling midge black midge blot mitch;s sedge olive mitch's sedge red
  Mayfly Spinner Mercer Midgeling Midge Black Midge Blot Mitch's Sedge Olive Mitch's Sedge Red
  mitch's sedge tan moosemane mosquito (dry) floss body mosquito pupa mosquito vein body muddler minnow
  Mitch's Sedge Tan Moosemane Mosquito (dry) Floss Body Mosquito Pupa Mosquito Vein Body Muddler Minnow
  muddler yellow maribou mulyi-midge cdc red mylar shrimp mysis shrimp    
Muddler Yellow Maribou Multi-Midge CDC Red Mylar Shrimp Mysis Shrimp    
O olive soft orange sulphur parachute olive damsel adult parachute olive swannundaze olive wooly bugger orange boatman
  Olive Soft Hackle Orange Sulphur Parachute Olive Damsel Adult Parachute Olive Swannundaze Olive Wooly Bugger Orange Boatman
  orange booby nymph orange crystal shrimp orange stonefly otto's spratley black otto's spratley green otto's spratley red
Orange Booby Nymph Orange Crystal Shrimp Orange Stonefly Otto's Spratley Black Otto's Spratley Green Otto's Spratley Red
P pale morning dun challenged parachut ant parachute hares ear parachute hopper partridge and hare's ear pheasant bead head soft hackle
  Pale Morning Dun Challenged Parachute Ant Parachute Hares Ear Parachute Hopper Partridge and Hare's Ear Pheasant Bead Head Soft Hackle
  pheasant challanged pheasant soft hackle partridge pheasant tail bead flash back pheasant tail beadhead pheasant tail nymph pmd comparadun
  Pheasant Challenged Pheasant Soft Hackle Partridge Pheasant Tail Bead Flash Back Pheasant Tail Beadhead Pheasant Tail Nymph PMD Comparadun
  pmd nymph pmd quill body prince nymph beadhead prince nymph pafagelpar lan bla (blue) paragelpar lan chartereuse
  PMD Nymph PMD Quill Body Prince Nymph Beadhead Prince Nymph Pafagelparlan Bla (Blue) Pafagelparlan Chartereuse
  pale morning dun partridge - green partridge - orange peacock boatman pennask nymph pheasant tail flashback
  Pale Morning Dun Partridge & Green Partridge & Orange Peacock Boatman Pennask Nymph Pheasant Tail Flashback
  pheasant tail krystal pheasant tail nymph black fish pheasant tail nymph black picket pin platte river brown chenille platte river dyed red hack
  Pheasant Tail Krystal Pheasant Tail Nymph Black fish PheasantTail Nymph Black Picket Pin Platte River Brown Chenille Platte River Dyed Red Hack
  platte river red chenille polar shrimp pop top emerger pregnant baggie shrimp professor  
Platte River Red Chenille Polar Shrimp Pop Top Emerger Pregnant Baggie Shrimp Professor  
R renegade robin nymph rogue foam hopper royal coachman royal trude royal wulff
  Renegade Robin Nymph Rogue Foam Hopper Royal Coachman Royal Trude Royal Wulff
  rs2 emerger rubber leg hare's ear rubberleg stonefly red butt royal renegade rs2 black
  RS2 Emerger Rubber Leg Hare's Ear Rubberleg Stonefly Red Butt Royal Renagade RS2 Black
  rs2 grey rs2 rust rs2      
RS2 Grey RS2 Rust RS2      
S san juan worm schlotter's foam flying ant scud pink f81 slack water caddis spunhair hopper
  San Juan Worm Schlotter's Foam Flying Ant Scud Pink Serendipity Bead Head Flash Slack Water Caddis Spun Hair Hopper
  stalcup tan hopper stalcup yellow hopper steeve's bumblebee stevies's wonder stimulator stonefly
  Stalcup Tan Hopper Stalcup Yellow Hopper Steeve's Bumblebee Stevie's Wonder Stimulator Stonefly
  a p chironimid black san juan worm fire red scud (shrimp) big horn scud flashy olive scud flashy orange scud flashy pink
  San Juan Worm Earthworm San Juan Worm Fire Red Scud (shrimp) Big Horn Scud Flashy Olive Scud Flashy Orange Scud Flashy Pink
  scud grey scud olive scud orange scud ostrich f182 scud tan
  Scud Grey Scud Olive Scud Orange Scud Ostrich Scud Rust Scud Tan
  scud white scud-shrimp flourescent green scud-shrimp olive sedgefly pupa serendipity olive serendipity red
  Scun White Scud/Shrimp Flr. Green Scud/Shrimp Olive Sedgefly Pupa Serendipity Olive Serendipity Red
  silver belly boatman silver pink silver svart (black) six pack skavaderf luga bla (blue) skvaderfluga chartereuse
  Silver Belly Boatman Silver Pink Silver Svart (Black) Six Pack Skvaderfluga Bla (blue) Skvaderfluga Chartereuse
  skvaderfluga orange skvaderfluga pink skvaderfluga rod (red) snocone olive-silver soft hackle speckled sedge
  Skvaderfluga Orange Skaderfluga Pink Skaderfluga Rod (red) Snocone Olive/Silver Soft Hackle Speckled Sedge
  squirrel steeve's fire fly stor stromslanda para stor vasslanda dun streaking caddis brown streaking caddis brown/orange
  Squirrel Steeve's Fire Fly Stor Stromslanda Para Stor Vasslanda Dun Streaking Caddis Brown Streaking Caddis Brown/Orange
  streaking caddis olive streaking caddis yellow olive superfly brown dragon superfly brown dragon supperpup pan 1 jusbrun  
Straddis Olive Streaking Caddis Yellow Olive Superfly Brown Dragon Superpuppan Gul (yellow) Superpuppan 1 Jusbrun  
T tarantula terranasty transparant trico quill body triple decker hopper (2) triple decker hopper
  Tarantula Terranasity TransparAnt Trico Quill Body Triple Decker Hopper (2) Triple Decker Hopper
  twenty incher thunder lightning tan and white clouser's minnow tan crazy charley telkwa stonefly telkwa stonefly nymph
  Twenty Incher Thunder Lightning Tan & White Clouser's Minnow Tan Crazy Charley Telkwa Stonefly Telkwa Stonefly Nymph
  tfs wire san juan worm fire tfs wire san juan worm wine the black ant the flying ant the flying red ant the red ant
  TFS Wire San Juan Worm Fire TFS Wire San Juan Worm Wine The Black Ant The Flying Ant The Flying Red Ant The Red Ant
  timberline emerger tiny terror tom thumb 2 tom thumb black torrbaggen tricolor black
  Timberline Emerger Tiny Terror Tom Thumb Tom Thumb Black Torrbaggen Tricolor Black
  tufen svart (black) tuffen chartereuse tuffen orange tunkwanamid   33 special brown
Tuffen Svart (Black) Tuffen Chartereuse Tuffen Orange Tunkwanamid   33 Special Brown
U u.f.o.          
V vitvengad nattslanda vincent sedge        
Vitvengad Nattslanda Vincent Sedge        
W f97 f98 f99 f132 f134 135
  WD-40 Green Whitlock Hopper Wooly Bugger Olive Water Boatman White Crazy Charley Wooly Bugger Black
  f136 f137 f138 139 f139 f140
  Wooly Bugger Blk Flshy Wooly Bugger Brn Flshy Wooly Bugger Brown Wooly Bugger Chart/Purple Krystal Wooly Bugger Chartreus Krystal Wooly Bugger Fl Orange Krystal
  f141 f142 f143 f144 f145 f146
  Wooly Bugger Fl White Krystal Wooly Bugger Olive Flash Wooly Bugger Olive Wooly Bugger Purple Wooly Bugger Red/blk Flash Wooly Worm Black
  f148 f149 f150 f151    
Wooly Worm Brown Wooly Worm Grey Wooly Worm Olive Wooly Worm Yellow    
Y f100          
Yellow Sally          
Z f101 f102 121 f122 f154  
  Zonker Zug Bug Zonker Black/Silver Zonker Natural Zebra Midge  

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