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British Columbia Fish Species




Below is a list of Fish species you may encounter when fishing in British Columbia.

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Species Common Name Species Group
Albacore Tuna Saltwater
American Shad Anadromous
Arctic Grayling Freshwater
Black Crappie Freshwater
Bluegill Freshwater
Brown Bullhead Freshwater
Brook Trout Freshwater
Brown Trout Freshwater
Bull Trout Anadromous, Freshwater
Burbot Freshwater-bottom
Cabezone (Sculpin) Saltwater
Carp Freshwater-bottom
Chinook (King) Salmon Anadromous
Chub Mackerel Saltwater
Chum (Dog) Salmon Anadromous
Coastal Cutthroat Trout Anadromous, Freshwater
Coho (Silver) Salmon Anadromous
Dolly Varden Freshwater
English Sole Saltwater-bottom
Eulachon Anadromous
Kelp Greenling Saltwater-bottom
Kokanee Freshwater
Lake Trout Freshwater
Largemouth Bass Freshwater
Largescale Sucker Freshwater-bottom
Lingcod Saltwater-bottom
Mountain Whitefish Freshwater
Nooksack Dace Freshwater
North Pacific Albacore Tuna Saltwater
Northern Pike Freshwater
Northern Pikeminnow (Squawfish) Freshwater
Pacific Cod Saltwater-bottom
Pacific Halibut Saltwater-bottom
Pacific Herring Saltwater
Pacific Ocean Perch Saltwater
Pacific Sardine Saltwater
Peamouth Chub Freshwater
Pile Perch Saltwater
Pink (Humpie) Salmon Anadromous
Pumpkinseed Freshwater
Rainbow Trout Freshwater
Redside Shiner Freshwater
Rockfish Saltwater-bottom
Salish Sucker Freshwater-bottom
Shiner Perch Saltwater
Spiny Dogfish Saltwater
Smallmouth Bass Freshwater
Starry Flounder Anadromous
Sockeye (Red) Salmon Anadromous
Steelhead Anadromous
Surf Smelt Saltwater
Walleye Freshwater
Westslope Cutthroat Trout Freshwater
White Spotted Greenling Saltwater-bottom
White Sturgeon Freshwater
White Sucker Freshwater-bottom
Yellow Perch Freshwater-invasive

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